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Frequently Asked Questions

When the stress of daily living becomes too much and your daily life functioning becomes impaired, it’s a good idea to pursue professional help. Excessive depression, anxiety or conflict within relationships are best addressed if treated early before they become chronic problems. Whatever the concerns, a licensed professional can help you evaluate the seriousness of your situation and help you sort through your thoughts, feelings, priorities and goals.

The first “assessment” session typically takes 60 minutes and involves the completion of a clinical interview and a small amount of paperwork. Presenting concerns will be identified, treatment goals made and the therapy process will be explained.

We are a “fee for service” company and require payment at the time of services. We accept many insurance plans, check, or cash. We also accept Mastercard, Visa and debit cards.

YES. A $50 fee for a missed session is charged UNLESS the appointment is cancelled 24 hours in advance.

This question is very similar to the question of how long will it take me to lose weight? Just like weight loss, successful therapy depends on a number of factors including client motivation and client effort, as well as other barriers out of the control of the client or therapist.

Typically, sessions are held weekly and become less frequent as issues are resolved.

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Crossroads Professional Counseling

Text Box: Will medical insurance cover the cost of my sessions?

Yes, possibly. We currently accept many common insurance plans. Please contact us to verify if your insurance is accepted.

Text Box: What can I/we expect from therapy?

Licensed counselors and therapists use their training and skills to help individuals confront and resolve issues. Assessment and development of treatment goals will be provided and done in coordination with you. Ongoing evaluation of progress will be discussed and monitored. No guarantees can be made, but you will be heard and respected.

Text Box: How long is a session?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes long, but extended sessions of 90 minutes can be scheduled.