All therapy services are provided using any combination of the following theories: cognitive behavioral, solution focused, developmental contextual, family systems, psychoanalytic.

Specific therapeutic interventions depend on the individuals, relationship dynamics and issues being addressed.

Treatment goals are developed with each client and designed to utilize the strengths of each client.

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Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a method of treatment to address trauma. EMDR uses a system of protocols to help the brain process traumatic memories and change how individuals view disturbing events.

EMDR has also been found helpful addressing issues related to anxiety, grief, stress, addictions , sexual/physical abuse, sports psychology and performance enhancement.

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Play is the language of children and allows trained professionals to better communicate with children to confront issues and heal.

Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based therapy that utilizes the development of child communication and learning. Play therapy allows children to express thoughts and feelings without verbalizing. Play therapy is intended to provide a safe environment for children to heal emotionally and can promote cognitive and social development.

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Sand Tray therapy is a valuable non-verbal tool for working with children, families, couples and individuals. 

Emotional issues that are not easily verbalized can be expressed in the sand. The creation of sand trays allows a client to delve deeper into what is troubling them and facilitate change. The sand provides a playful, non-threatening environment that provides a full sensory experience that quiets the nervous system and raises self-esteem.

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